I am an integrated creative with specific interest in making things that solve social and communication problems.
Currently I am on the ‘indie’ side of ad-land working at 'Krow london' on brands like Fiat, Tic Tac and Virgin Trains.
I’m originally from Colombia but I have gained most of my experience in London. Before Krow, I was working at R/GA, Havas, IMG and Leo Burnett (Colombia). I also had an 8-people strong start-up but it all failed after three years (too much too young I guess).
Through the years I have worked on local, European and Global campaigns for Unilever, Durex, Chivas Regal, VO5, Nurofen, Wimbledon, the Olympics, English PremierLeague and India’s Cricket League. 
Other things I do: 
* Take photos of pretty buildings and ugly pigeons
* DJ and produce my own tracks
* Sell crisps covered in chocolate
* Trade Organic white and black T-Shirts (SO hype, I know).

Do get in touch if you want to discuss new challenges, buy any of my stuff, visit South America or learn some random words in Spanish. 
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