I am an integrated creative with specific interest in making things that solve social and communication problems.
I have a strong Digital, Social, ATL and Design background at global and indie advertising and branding agencies like Moving Brands, The Martin Agency, Krow, R/GA, Havas, IMG and Leo Burnett. 
Over the years I have been in charge of ideating, leading and creating integrated local and global communication solutions for start-ups, sporting events and brands like Fiat UK, Durex, Virgin Trains, Ferrero, Chivas Regal, VO5, amongst others.
I also have a deep interest in the relationship between the world and technology; and a passion for helping people and in making this a better place.
Always open to discuss side projects or a new opportunity. 
Other things I do: 
* Take photos of pretty buildings and ugly pigeons
* Professional DJ
* Have a brand of salted potato crisps drizzled in dark chocolate
* Trade Organic white and black T-Shirts (SO hype, I know).
Do get in touch if you want to discuss new challenges, buy any of my stuff, visit South America or learn some random words in Spanish. 
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