I'm a London-based Senior Creative originally from Colombia with a solid Art Direction, Digital and Design background. Have a focus in Advertising, Storytelling and Brand Comms; and in creating solutions that generate a positive impact for brands and people.

Skyscanner X Exceptional ALIEN
Content partnership to launch world-class curated travel guides in Australia and Canada
Ultimate Travel Hacker
A global content creation franchise to make the brand's roots a viral social trend and define its global positioning.
QUAKE Earthquake museum
Creating a Visual Identity and Brand Ecosystem for Lisbon's first earthquake experience.
Chivas Regal ft. Chiwetel Ejiofor
A global campaign to inspire the new generation of entrepreneurs to achieve success whilst making a positive impact.
IPL Cricket Branding
Creating a brand for India's Cricket league and developing the tournament visual identity and look & feel.
Virgin Trains
A fish and shark invite you to take the train in those moments you need to arrive fresh and in top form.
VO5 The Oaks 'Folkumentary'
Creating a fiction folk band to launch new VO5 products and its sponsorship of the UK teen TV show "Hollyoaks".
A Social Store for Durex
A lifestyle online store to explore Durex products and normalise the conversations about the topic.
Employee Engagement Content
Getting employees of a Global Organisation to explaining their new company culture. With kids games.
Fiat 124 Spider UK & EU Launch★
Pitch winning concept and idea to create an experiential launch of the Fiat 124 across various markets.
Fiat UK Brand Positioning ★
Developing the new tone, voice and brand positioning for Fiat in the UK. Sometimes, Italy is not for everyone.
Gift Boxes à la Durex
Creating a gift box with a hidden compartment for the "other" gifts people really want to give.
Vanish Bid Store
Concept of the first reversed-bid online store of pre-stained Top Designers clothes.
Sport 24 - Brand Comms
Creating and developing the Visual Identity of a Sports TV Channel for Cruise and Airlines.
Durex AIDS Social Campaign
Global campaign for World AIDS Day to raise awareness and donate condoms to HIV Charities in the world.
Money Making
Projects, business and ideas where are creating
Evian - Social Symphony Concept
A music experiment to create sound based on Social Media activity.
Content & More
A section for random thinking, content and ideas that never saw the light of day.
Ellas Kitchen - Pitch win ★
A pitch-winning revolution to launch a range of healthy snacks for toddlers.
Nurofen - Global Campaign
A global campaign to inspire people to live their lives and forget about physical pain.
Long Live Print Ads
A selection of self initiated print ad ideas.
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