Getting employees to explain their new Company Culture. With games.
A global organisation is going through the biggest internal and business transformation of their time. For them to be successful in this process they needed every employee at every level to understand and adopt the new culture and working behaviours. 
Create engaging pieces of content that would help their 90.000 employees across 180 markets to better understand and embrace the Company's new Leadership Behaviours.
Select a set number of employees in different markets and get them to take part in a series of games and challenges related to their 5 Leadership principles (they call them Energies). They will explain in their own words the meaning and importance of the Energies via these games. 
"The Challenges" where adopted and adapted in 53 different markets. A huge success for the Global HR Department and a first for any kind of internal initiative.
Global engagement rates with HR Content in their internal communication platforms rose to 25%.
"Loved seeing my friends and other everyday colleagues globally taking part and talking about it. It's usually the Global heads of the company." Claire*, Stockholm 
"The 5 Challenges" Trailer
The Paper Tower Challenge: "Disruptive Innovators"
Using only what is in front of you, you must build a paper tower high enough to get as close to the ceiling as possible.
The 5 Visuals Challenge: "Consumer at the Core"
In 5 drawings, visualise what you believe are some of the key behaviours of the Consumer at the Core Behaviour!
The Emojis Challenge: "Forward Leaning"
You will be presented with some of the key behaviours of the Forward Leaning Energy... only with emojis! You must guess which behaviours the emojis represent!
The 'Charades' Challenge: "People Activator"
In the time it takes the coffee machine to prepare a drink, you must present to a colleague some of the key behaviours under the People Activator Energy... in Charades style! Your colleague must guess which of the behaviours your acting out!
The Post-Its Challenge: "Meaning Creator"
Each of you will think of a moment where you’ve displayed the Meaning Creator Energy, and will present it as storyboard! You will then try to interpret each other’s drawings!

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