Skyscanner Ultimate Travel Hacker CA & AU
Debunking Travel Myths and making the brand's roots a viral trend
Travel hacks are fast becoming conversation pieces across the internet. How can Skyscanner become part of the conversation and lead it in a unique, ownable way that can work across multiple markets?
Skyscanner has been a travel hack since 2003. It's only fitting that we claim the title, while continue to help our travellers hack travel when they’re out in the world exploring.  
Introducing Ultimate Travel Hacker by Skyscanner: A platform to find and create a community of the best travel hackers out there, so every traveller has access to all the latest tips and tricks.
A once in a lifetime opportunity to get paid to travel the world for six months, create awesome social-first content and put travel hacks to the test. Basically, the best way to get paid to travel.
Australian Influencer (Hangry by Nature) Promo Videos and Winners (Kelly & Georgia) Video 
From idea to new global Brand Positioning 
For nearly two decades, Skyscanner has been the ultimate travel hack.
We're dedicated to giving travellers the most comprehensive, accurate information so they can make the best choices for their trip – from flight fares to car hire. So what better way to own travel hacks conversation than going to the real world and find real travellers and let them tell the story in their own way. We're just an enabler.
Starting in Autumn 2023, the ‘Ultimate Travel Hacker‘ will be a global competition and platform that will give funds to explore the world and test travel hack theories. From packing tricks to booking tips and destination detective work, this lucky winner will document their experiences and help travellers understand if the hacks are legit.

Results of Australian Edition:
• 5.2M plays across Tik Tok and Instagram
• 1.5M reach on Instagram (+3.6% ER) 
• 2.1M reach on Tik Tok (1.8% ER) 
• 207 Entries to judge from and select winner​​​​​​​
Ultimate Travel Hacker - Canada Edition
Canada Edition with push from Brand Advocate @NaomiLeanage. And winner entry
Competition Promo Videos
Ultimate Travel Hacker - Brand World 

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