"Durex Explore" Synchronised Dual screen film
To launch the webstore an interactive TV ad was created to encourage viewers to peek “behind closed doors” with a synchronized dual-screen film. Using the Durex Explore app users can experience a beyond-ad content.
 Credits: Havas Worldwide, Andry Preston, Joe Williams
A Lifestyle e-commerce site for Durex
Toys are becoming a normal part of couple's and individual's life. Durex needed a friendly and inviting website. A place where regular couples and individuals can browse through items they find interesting to use, where they can share stories and see what people like them are saying/doing. It's a place for stories about life not just about being in bed.
After the user is made his category choice he/she is offered with a direct menu with all products he can find. Instead of being bombarded with awkward shaped products, he's presented with a simple and clear interface that invites to explore more. 
Product pages are not a space for tech-specs but a simple description of what the product does. Each product is linked with a 'life-style' cross-selling section where more products are found, stories are shared or new experiences can be found.   
The 'Explore Togehter' path is all about people and their stories. Normal people talking to normal people. Not just about sex but sharing stories of makes them happy as a couple. New bars, nights out, fashion, food, romantic dates, non-romantic places, etc.   
With different partnerships the shopping trolley can also include experiences for couples. Not just selling a lube or a condom but also offering products as part of city breaks, bundles, discounts, etc.
Sex toys or sex products is no longer a subject for people to ashamed or feel guilty about. Is increasingly becoming more pub-talk and we want to share stories without being questioned. This is a website where the Panic button won't be needed. 

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