Durex HIV Awareness Campaign
To raise awareness of HIV and AIDS on World AIDS Day a social media campaign ran on World AIDS Day to get people help us donate 2.5 milion condoms worldwide. Using the tag #1Share1Condom Durex would donate a condom on behalf of every person who would get involved with the campaign. Condoms were donated to active HIV-Prevention projects in local communities across the world. 
The goal was to donate 2.5 million condoms and the amount reached was 2'253.861. Due to the succes Durex double the amount. 
Alasdair Graham, Ian Gallais, Sarah Kahan Varda, Gusseppe Cassano
Extensive web coverage in blogs, news websites and Social Media.

The campaign lived entirely on the 1Share1Condom website with a live counter of condoms donated, recent news, comments, posts, etc.
The website's background was populated with the profile pictures of everyone who got involved. 
Communications where made on-the-day on the usual Social Media platforms to invite people to get involved. 
Print and other collaterals where created prior to the day

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