The symphony of your Social Media activity
Social DROPhony is a music experiment that would collect and map every social media interaction (like, tweet, comment, share, etc) generated by a user during a year.  The data will be used to generate a soundwave that will create a music track that can be played, edited, mixed and shared.
Users would choose which of their Social Networks the would like to map.

Will be determined by all the social activity done in a day (posts, coments, shares, likes...). I.e. High levels of activity will make the Icicle grow bigger. The more Social Channels are choosen the more complex the soundwave would be. 
Once finished users can:
* Play and edit their track * Adjust sounds settings * Invite people to create joint tracks and albums. An audio gallery of tracks and albums can be created to play, edit, share or download 
Interactive digital boards where users can generate, play and share
the tracks by synchronising phones via bluetooth.

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