I'm a London-based Senior Creative originally from Colombia with a solid Art Direction, Digital and Design background. Have a focus in Advertising, Storytelling and Brand Comms; and in creating solutions that generate a positive impact for brands and people.

Skyscanner X Exceptional ALIEN
Content partnership to launch world-class curated travel guides in Australia and Canada
Ultimate Travel Hacker
A global content creation franchise to make the brand's roots a viral social trend and define its global positioning.
QUAKE Earthquake museum
Creating a Visual Identity and Brand Ecosystem for Lisbon's first earthquake experience.
Chivas Regal ft. Chiwetel Ejiofor
A global campaign to inspire the new generation of entrepreneurs to achieve success whilst making a positive impact.
IPL Cricket Branding
Creating a brand for India's Cricket league and developing the tournament visual identity and look & feel.
Virgin Trains
A fish and shark invite you to take the train in those moments you need to arrive fresh and in top form.
Fiat 124 Spider UK & EU Launch★
Pitch winning concept and idea to create an experiential launch of the Fiat 124 across various markets.
Fiat UK Brand Positioning ★
Developing the new tone, voice and brand positioning for Fiat in the UK. Sometimes, Italy is not for everyone.
VO5 The Oaks 'Folkumentary'
Creating a fiction folk band to launch new VO5 products and its sponsorship of the UK teen TV show "Hollyoaks".
Employee Engagement Content
Getting employees of a Global Organisation to explaining their new company culture. With kids games.
Gift Boxes à la Durex
Creating a gift box with a hidden compartment for the "other" gifts people really want to give.
Vanish Bid Store
Concept of the first reversed-bid online store of pre-stained Top Designers clothes.
Sport 24 - Brand Comms
Creating and developing the Visual Identity of a Sports TV Channel for Cruise and Airlines.
Durex AIDS Social Campaign
Global campaign for World AIDS Day to raise awareness and donate condoms to HIV Charities in the world.
A Social Store for Durex
A lifestyle online store to explore Durex products and normalise the conversations about the topic.
Money Making
Projects, business and ideas where are creating
Evian - Social Symphony Concept
A music experiment to create sound based on Social Media activity.
Content & More
A section for random thinking, content and ideas that never saw the light of day.
Ellas Kitchen - Pitch win ★
A pitch-winning revolution to launch a range of healthy snacks for toddlers.
Nurofen - Global Campaign
A global campaign to inspire people to live their lives and forget about physical pain.
Long Live Print Ads
A selection of self initiated print ad ideas.
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